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    Guo Yu: responsibility than ability
    Time:2015-5-7 11:04:37                  Click:3008

    An employee of ability, if he does not want to pay, you can not create value for the enterprise. And a willingness to pay employees for the enterprise wholeheartedly, even if the rival ability, but also to create the greatest value.

    There are a great man once said: "All life experience must be behind the spiritual sense of responsibility." Responsibility to allow a person with the best mental state to work energetically and realize their potential to the limit.

    A cosmetics company owner Mr. Fei Laer expense to hire a man named vice president Jesse, Jesse very capable, but to the company a year ago, almost did not create any value.

    A human resources consultant to ask Mr. 費拉爾: "You know he has the ability to do what?"

    "Of course understand, ask him to come in before, I was very careful, I asked him a professional search firm to conduct a comprehensive ability test results make me very happy." Fei Laer said. He also detailed the Jesse with the skills, both out of Jesse previous work many success stories to substantiate.

    Indeed, Mr. Fei Laer of Jesse's ability is very understanding and rely heavily, but as a senior executive, Jesse needs, more than just salary, salary alone, it is difficult to let him build a sense of responsibility. Consultant who found the courage to accept the challenge Jesse is a person, the greater the difficulty of the work, the more it can arouse his desire to struggle, he always have a ready impulse strikes.

    "In the beginning into the company, I am passionate, determined to do something big business, but then, I have not found everything I imagine, feel more and more boring, the company gradually lost their identity, work on their own also lose the recognition. "Jesse gave in to the idea of the heart. He said: "I want a big fight can feel free work environment, not like a lot of restraint."

    It turned out that Jesse's boss Mr. Fei Laer has two fatal weaknesses: First, it is difficult to be assured by people afraid to dig the company's foundation hotshots; the second is like themselves, often leapfrog command, make Jesse feel useless.

    After finding the crux of the problem, consultants to 費拉爾 and Jesse go together to analyze deficiencies authorized and command systems, a clear 費拉爾 and Jesse respective spheres of competence, to formulate the company's authorization system as well as the principles of organization and command. Through their joint efforts, the situation has undergone great changes, Jesse almost a changed man, he made a lot of achievements, but also, a close ally of Mr. Fei Laer and he has become inseparable.

    This story is instructive. Jesse shift his own outstanding talent into full play. Which prompted his change of key factors, it is revived his company's responsibility.

    In fact, Jesse himself is very responsible - of course, his ability is excellent, but he initially inaction Mr. 費拉爾 the company's success and future performance proved: responsibility than capacity.

    In this world, not a lack of capable people, both the ability and responsibility that talent is the ideal talent every enterprise desire. Companies are willing to trust a strong ability in general there is a sense of responsibility, rather than to reuse a so-so, depending on the responsibility for the people nothing, even if his extraordinary ability.

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